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Henry County Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

Investing in Brighter Futures Since 1989


Donors are the life of the scholarship program. Several businesses and individuals have contributed consistently since the beginning of the program.  The Board is always on the outlook for new donors and welcomes contact suggestions. Businesses, churches, classes, clubs, corporations, individuals, etc. are all potential donors.  

Anyone donating a minimum of $500 may have that scholarship awarded in honor of or in memory of someone or named whatever he/she indicates.  Donors may also indicate preferences such as a specific high school, a particular major or field, a specific college or vocational school.

Donations are welcome in any amount to contribute toward scholarships in the name of the Foundation, or to help defray costs such as postage, checks, paper.

The Henry County Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are fully tax deductible, and receipts are sent to each donor.  

Among the largest contributors to HCSF have been the Ed & Claude Fortson Trust, the William and Sarah Babb Smith Foundation, Taylor Family Foundation, and Central Georgia EMC, all based in Henry County.

Some Individual  and Business Donors:  Shirley Arvey, Gordon Baker, Joey Balog, Michael Barber, Solomon Barge, Joy Brown, Nina Chafin, Elaine Childs, Alex and Claire Crumbley, Santana Flanigan, Katie Glenn, Jeanie Harrison,  Dr. Khair, McDonough Woman's Club,  April McNair, James Miller, Brittany Montrois, Janice Nutt, Emma Nettles,  Planters Warehouse,  Artelia Reese, Toni Schwahn, Nikita Stodghill, Donna Strickland, Warren Tillery, A.J. Welch, Dawn White, Hilda Willis and many others who have contributed memorial gifts.

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