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Henry County Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

Investing in Brighter Futures Since 1989


Scholarships are awarded to seniors from the county's public high schools for college and vocational programs and are given for $500, $750, or $1000, depending upon several factors, including recipient’s qualifications and needs, donor’s wishes, and available funds.

Scholarships are available for the four undergraduate years, and students who have received a scholarship at the end of their high school senior year may apply again each year as long as they are in good standing and enrolled in a full-time program toward a degree or certificate. 


Checks for half the scholarship are written and mailed directly to the student’s school each semester.  Funds may be used for tuition, books, fees, or other associated expenses.


Applications are available here on the website, through the counselors in each high school, or by e-mailing a request to

Applications are simple and include an official transcript, financial information, a short essay, etc.  Completed applications are due on or before January 31 each year, as clearly stated on the application.  We are unable to accept applications sent electronically.  Forms may be mailed or delivered, as explained on the application.


Recipients must sign a brief contract and keep in touch with their donors to thank them and keep them informed of their progress.   A copy of the correspondence is required for the reapplication process.


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