Henry County Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

Investing in Brighter Futures Since 1989

     Board of Directors 2020 -2021

Board membership is open to anyone interested in advancing the goals of the Scholarship Foundation. More members are needed to help fundraise and evaluate applications.  If you are interested in helping in any way,

please email the foundation at HenryCountyScholarships@gmail.com and a board member will contact you.


VP & Secretary


Executive Director

Board Members

 Santana Flanigan

 Nikita Stodghill

 Brittany Montrois

 Elaine Childs

 Shirley Arvey

 Patty Conrad 

 Emily Manguel

 Donna Strickland

 Joe Turner

                 Brief History

The Henry County High School Foundation, Inc. began in 1989, spearheaded by counselors, Mrs. Joan Nutt and Mrs. Katie Glenn. The desire of that first board was to help the graduates of Henry County High School to advance their education.


Subsequent presidents were Mrs. Debra Jernigan, Dr. Marinelle Simpson, Mr. Billy Copeland, Mrs. Artelia Reese, Mr. Joey Balog, Mrs. Brittany Montrois, and currently, Mr. Santana Flanigan. 


The program began small, giving only a few scholarships in those formative years.  As word spread, companies, foundations, families, and individuals have become donors. The number of scholarships now averages 60 to 70 per year for a total of more than $50,000. 


In 2006, the HCHSF expanded its services and became a county-wide organization, offering scholarships to students from all the county’s public high schools. In 2016, the name was officially changed to Henry County Scholarship Foundation, Inc. to avoid confusion and make clearer the Foundation's goal.